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That's one sexy icon...

Man are y'all in for a garden update!

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What a whirlwind of life!

I should totally be sleeping right now, instead I'm trolling Amazon and etsy, just looking to spend money.

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Movies and Stories

My week of Sprink Break is winding to a close. :( I wish that it was longer, School is really kicking my ass. I don't think that it would be so bad if it weren't for the psychology class that I'm taking being a short one. I'm up late tonight, watching stupid horror films and drinking rum and orange soda. It's a nice night for it because I'm feeling a little hermity.

I just watched a movie with Octomom in it and she was decidedly good at acting, which surprised me. I kinda want to see her in more films. It's of the found film genre, which is one of my favorite kinds. More than likelt courtesy of The Blair Witch Project from my youth.

I've started a story I'm calling Immortal, I. It's borrowed from another concept of the same name compined with a story I've called Calla's Legacy and Immortal, I to some point but it's a good combination I think. It's written in present tense, which I know is an odd choice, but it works well to bring the story into a here and now sense and it's perfect for this telling.

Well, I'm going to get back to writing my story and watching this movie. I'll talk to you all later!


Dear Yuletide Fic Filler!

So, first of all: Thank you so much for looking into filling one of my requests. It makes me so happy that you're here! I'm going to break each request down on its own heading, I figure it'll be easier to tell what you want to look at, you know?

First I'm going to talk about what I don't want. This is really the only thing that I don't want in my fic.

Do Not Want:

Mind Control, Human AU (or any AU of the like. AU straying from the plot of the movie is ok and enjoyed immensely, but for the most part I enjoy all of these fandoms as they're presented to us. please stick with the worlds as they're presented to us in cannon), mind control, prostitution, noncon, dubcon, character death, infidelity, love triangles/jealousy focus (I just don't like cheaters, and jealousy is just not enjoyable for me unless it's unwanted attention that Char B is saving Char A from.) characters de-aged during the story, A/B/O (I'm not saying that I don't like pack dynamics but I like them on equal footing), amnesia fics, loss of limb/amputations, mpreg, underage (I can go as low as 17), gender swap, teacher/student stories, or focus on drug abuse or alcoholism. Regarding incest – I only enjoy that with the Doom pairing, it just seems to fit for me. No others though.) Also, no parent/child pairings.

I'll have a few more fandom specific squicks in each specific setting.

For M-rated fics, I don't like anything with blood or violence. Well, not for any of these pairings, lol. I like my sex fairly clean, not raunchy or filled with dirty talk, but I do like talking and talking just no name calling. I like violence in my stories, as long as it's cannon-typical. I don't want scat, watersports, rape-as-fantasy-scenes, anal for M/F pairings, and any kind of direct blow in a sexual connotation even including spanking/flogging. I guess I'm pretty vanilla with my sex. Again, I'll post more fandom specific do no wants in each section.

I'm going to jump right into each fandom and kinda list what I like, not necessarily what I want.

Jupiter Ascending:
I just absolutely loved this movie. I saw it in theaters and could practically hear people thinking about fanfic when I left... or maybe it was just me.

As for what I do not like, I want to get it out of the way upfront before you read what I do and start forming ideas.

No: I don't want knotting, or anything dom/sub related. I believe that Jupiter would think that was taking advantage of him and I enjoy a Jupiter that wants them on equal footing all the time. I don't enjoy collaring or whatnot. I don't run with the dog comment, I believe that he was talking about social status not genetics or anything behavioral.

Yes: I would love something Post Movie. Something exploring their relationship after or their life with Stinger and Kiza. I’d love adventure or foof or even a little angst as long as there’s a happy ending. I’m not going to put any restrictions on what I want. I know that’s against the rules. I’m just trying to point out what I like. You’ve got free reign, as long as its Jupiter/Caine based! Oh, I wouldn’t mind some of her crazy family either!

This is one of my long standing favorites. I just thoroughly enjoy the whole story, not to mention the relationship between John and Sam. This is the only ship I’ve ever had where I like incest.
I don’t have a lot of extra squicks here, just anything that you can give me with this fandom I’ll enjoy. I’d love something M rated, but anything you can give me, I think I said that already. :D

Another Karl Urban movie. Anything post movie that you’ve got, it doesn’t even have to be Dredd/Cassandra eccentric though that would be my favorite. I enjoyed the movie so much. I’ve watched it a number of times but I’ve never written any fic.

The Last of Us:
This is by far one of the best video games I’ve ever played. I was just floored by the story. I want something, anything that has to do with after the ending. My favorite part is how Joel doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to telling Ellie what he does at the end. It’s just wonderful. I’d love some Family Feels here in this one, foof instead of action.
I just love the slow build of their relationship and love the way they work as a family and a unit. The caring between them was awesome and it makes me want to play it all over again.
Again, no M rating here, they’re a father daughter pair in this.

This is another favorite series of mine and I can’t wait for the last one to come out! I want something, anything, with Nathan and Elena. Give it your all!

I guess I feel like I was kind of sparse with the details here, if you want to comment anon, just let me know and I’ll def answer any questions that you have. I’ll be super stoked if anyone decides to fill any of these!

Thanks for reading and I hope that you enjoy Yuletide 2015! It’s my first year and I’m stoked!


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